Honestly, why GetHair?

Hypothermosol FRS (storage solution)

Kaan Sakar

In GetHair, our aim is to follow the latest developments and bio enhancements to deliver the best hair growth rate for our patients.

The major and probably the only concern in hair transplants is the growth survival rate of implanted hairs.

Dr. Tayfun

It’s a proven fact that the reason for poor hair follicle survival rate is the lack of oxygen; post-operative ischemia. Unlike any organ transplant, each graft implanted on the scalp takes several days to build a capillary network around the grafts. During this crucial time hair follicles passively absorb the oxygen leftover that is diffusing through the tissue.  GetHair uses ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to ensure full oxygen passing in and around the grafted hair follicles to ultimately ensure best hair growth rate.

There have been many studies looking at better storage solutions to improve the hair survival rate. During the recent years, Dr. Ehringer of Energy Delivery Solutions introduced ATP.

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is a molecule, which is responsible for transporting chemical energy within cells for metabolism. Each cell needs oxygen and glucose to produce ATP; in other words, it’s cells’ fuel source.

When used during and after the operation, ATP accelerates the uptake of oxygen by transplanted cells and produces faster healing, hence better hair survival.

We at GetHair use Hypothermosol FRS with a combination of ATP as the storage solution and provide it for our patients as post-operative care to ensure optimal hair regrowth.

Hypothermosol FRS is known as the most advanced hair storage solution, used between extraction and implantation phases. It is an optimized hypothermic preservation medium that extends the life of cells, tissues and also organs outside the body.

Hypothermosol includes components that provide pH buffering, energy substrates and osmotic support.

It’s used by leading Hair Surgeons such as Dr. Cooley, Dr. Reddy and Dr. Shapiro.

We have observed that when these two bio enhancements used together, the post-operation physical trauma of the hair follicles is reduced significantly and more hairs on the recipient area stay on the scalp, which enables the Telogen phase pass quicker.

Dense Packing

Dr. Tayfun

We strongly recommend and deliver dense packing on frontal region. With dense packing, a better more natural look on frontal hairline can be achieved by using majorly single haired grafts for easier styling and a natural look.

The surgical procedure for dense packing consists of small incisions on the recipient area, and smaller grafts, which is what we call our method microFUE.

Kaan Sakar

I’m frequently asked if it’s possible to go beyond the number of grafts recommended by our surgeon. And I feel the need to explain why this is not recommended, as there are numerous scientific evidence proving this does not deliver better results.

Several international studies show that dense packing has to have limits. A patient needs to be aware that going beyond 45-50 FUE per cm2 does not lead to better final results as hair follicles share the same blood vessels, therefore share the oxygen supply.


Dr. Tayfun

We use microsurgery tools with a diameter of only 0.6-0.7mm. This is the smallest diameter globally.

In return, my patients have next to no scarring and their hair transplant operation becomes almost unnoticeable after several months.

This procedure is obviously more of an elaborate work and needs more attention, but leads to even more natural results, which is our ultimate goal: a successful natural full hair regrowth post operation result.

Kaan Sakar

I meet with our patients in our London branch both before and after the operation. Word of mouth goes a long way and most patients know someone who has had a hair transplant operation. Understandably, it’s not easy to imagine and it takes time to process all the information I provide our patients with before the operation.

Once our patients return from their operation, they are especially surprised about how quick their donor region recovered. This is when our patients fully understand the importance of microFUE compared to conventional FUE.

London Office

Kaan Sakar

Our London office has been around for over 6 years now, and I get appreciations from our patients and positive feedback frequently. They feel much more comfortable when they meet with us face-to-face before they make their decision to proceed with their GetHair operation, and knowing that they have somewhere to go locally if they have questions, it definitely puts their mind at ease.

Dr. Tayfun

Knowledge and full understanding of how hair transplants work is key to our operations. Providing our patients with all the necessary information they need with full transparency and seeing them personally helps us to measure their expectations clearly. Consequently, when our patients arrive in Istanbul, they already know what to expect and feel reassured that the service level they will receive from beginning to end is of highest quality with GetHair.